Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby in the Sewing Room

   As I'm sure many of you know and can attest to the fact that a brand new baby brings on a huge learning curve and a world of change. This is something no amount of research could have prepare me for. My dear little one is only 5 weeks old and though I'm just starting to get my footing, there's still an immense amount of new life challenges and rewards being experienced.

   The list is endless but one of these challenges I'm struggling with is bringing back sewing into my life. Realistically I know I won't be able to open my Teaka Marie shop any time soon (fingers crossed for later this fall), however I can't help but desire working on a new project, really just for my own mental state.

   My mom described it perfectly when she said she needed to sew while she had all the children running around if only to have something she could work on that would become a finished item. With babies and I assume with children, one can do the same task over and over again, such as diaper changes, feedings, washing bottles, laundry and the next day the exact same tasks need to be done all over again. Having a craft or a project to work on allows one a little mental break from never seeing a chore finished. There's a beginning and an end. A reward for sticking to it.

   So this week I picked up a pattern for a simple autumn coat. It's nothing fancy but I think if given a week or two I may be able to find enough time during my baby's naps to finish this coat. However naps are also valuable sleep time for me too, so it's a bit of a toss up each day. Which is more important, sleep or sewing?

   Today I attempted to bring her into the sewing room with me. An idea that makes sense but since she doesn't so much like her bassinet she didn't last more than 10 minutes. Well at least I tried.
   But come on, how could you not forgive her when she's got such perfectly little legs and adorable little socks?