Monday, September 08, 2014

Quiet Days

   I am thankful for quiet days.

   Once a week I have a whole day reserved only for sewing, working on orders, mailing packages, replying to messages, and anything related to my shop. Of course I find myself working on orders and new designs every other day of the week, yet that ends up only being an hour or two each day. But it's this one slot of time, that one day of the week I love the most, for it's all mine. It's during this time I can get myself caught up, hopefully get a few things done of my check list and somewheres in there just be calm and alone.

   I find my balance with a mixture of being with people and alone time however I must admit sometimes I really do love those quiet times the most.

   Today was my sewing day and I'd say it was a perfect blend of productivity, and stillness. Plus the chilly air, grey skies and the evening showers certainly were a bonus.