Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Sewing Sweater

   This past Saturday I decided I'd commit myself to sewing up one sweater. This sweater would not be sold or given to anyone but me. Honestly it's a bit unusual that I actually create a garment for myself since I'm learning that time away from the sewing room is sometimes rare and valuable. Often I would rather just take a break from sewing when I do have the time to spare. It helps me love the process rather than feeling overwhelmed.
   I decided to use a cozy, hunter green, ponte de roma knit fabric. The sweater would be simple, using the same pattern as my Elbow Patch Sweater Design. I LOVE the fit of this pullover, I think the pattern turned out great for my shop so I couldn't resit making one for myself.

   However the Saturday morning before I took to my sewing machine I decided it might be fun to create a felt badge. At the time I thought it was rather cute and even felted it onto the front of the sweater. I think later during the sewing process I began to regret the patch. I don't mind it any more however I feared it may look a bit childish. Oh well, by that time there was no turning back.
   In the end I really do like my cozy sweater. I think it'll be great for chilly days at home and during autumn walks. Plus Jonathan thinks the badge makes me look like I'm apart of some preppy sewing academy. I think that's good....

Excuse my squinting eyes in these photos.