Friday, August 29, 2014

The Start Of Learning To Sew Lingerie

   I did it! I wasn't sure if I was willing to commit to a new project but I finally decided to dive in and start learning a little about lingerie making.

   Burda Style was offering this Sew Your Own 8 Piece Lingerie course, which runs from August 29th to Nov 24th, and it seemed to be just up my alley. However I was going back and forth about registering for the class since it was $80. I wanted to be sure I really could give the proper time to learning and doing the assignments as this is something I've been wanting to learn more about since going to college. Even though we did cover a little bit in some drafting and sewing classes I feel like a lot has slipped my mind and I really would need more instructions to get me started.

   One thing I've learned is the more I sew the less I really know. Don't get me wrong, my confidences in certain areas has definitely grown but I am aware there are many areas I want to improve in. Yet living in a smaller town there are limited resources for on hand learning regarding specific areas so even though I learn best one on one I've decided this may be my best opportunity for this current season.
Bustier Top 5/2011 #127
   So, somehow amongst my out of home job, working on orders, and creating new garments I'll try to find time to maintain this "class". I can't wait though, it's good to keep the mind growing and learning.

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