Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Not Good At Being On Vacation

   I've learned I'm not very good at taking a vacation or rather how to properly be on a holiday. It's an easy enough concept however I'm finding the older I get the more I want to accomplish with my time off.

   This past week was my week off from the job at my church. Jonathan doesn't get vacation time yet so I knew that this could be a full week to do whatever I desired. Heaven right? Out of the many wonderful and great things I could do with my time to get recharged, have some fun and get refreshed, I instead found myself in my sewing room, 9am to 4pm, pretty much every day sewing. At the time it was a great idea, I could catch up on orders and get a good start on my new autumn garments. But by Friday I was beat. I'll admit I don't regret getting done what I was able to get done. In fact if I hadn't finished what I had then I'd be really behind this week, however I can't help wishing I didn't get in more "me" time.

   I am thankful for the one Thursday afternoon I took off to run around town and spend some time in my back yard pretending to water color. I wouldn't mind being able to paint a bit more. Perhaps this coming weekend I'll convince myself to pull out the colors again and instead of just watching a movie when I'm exhausted, get back to doing something good for my creativity and mind outside of sewing.
   Here's hoping I commit to that.

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