Thursday, June 05, 2014

Finally Flowers in the Backyard

   At the start of this spring I had every intention and desire to fill my backyard with pots and buckets of beautiful flowers. Yet, as I'm sure many of us experience, that desire slowly faded away. It wasn't that I didn't want a beautiful back yard, rather I just didn't want to put any work into it. Lazy hey.
   Yet this past weekend I decided enough was enough so I brought Jonathan along with me and we went to a green house to stock up on a few essentials. However soon after we arrive my eyes landed on some pre-planted and arranged pots. They were perfect. Every ounce and desire to do any garden work fully left and we found ourselves scooping up the pots and heading to the cashier.
   I'd say that was our the best decision yet.
   Our back yard is by no means fancy, or filled with flowers but finally, finally there's colour. Bonus, no dirt under my finger nails.
    A few weeks back Jonathan also found me these two tall wicker baskets. Best part is he found them in the dumps of a store. They were brand new, nothing wrong with them, they simply needed a pot inside to hold flowers. I was pretty thrilled with his find. I still haven't decided where I like them, but for now they stand by the back gate.
   Yeah so clearly our back yard is still rather dull. However compared to years past, I'm pretty proud. Small steps guys.

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Kelly Del Valle said...

I'm trying to get my feet wet in the gardening arena too! It's a daunting task though, and I'm almost tempted to go to the nursery and just buy wildflower seed and scatter it all over the backyard.

Your flowers look lovely though, so nice start!