Monday, March 10, 2014

My Kind of Sunday

   I do love my Sundays, clearly the perfect day for rest. When I can I try to implement my "No Sew Sunday" rule and I was thankful that this Sunday I was able to follow through with it. Besides the outdoors were calling me with warm winds and beautiful plus temperature, it would be silly to waist such a beautiful time. 
   I went for a short walk and took one of my favorite routes that was sure to give me some spring run off. It did not disappoint. There were little flows of water, and bubbling streams everywhere. This to me is a true sign of a new season to come. I know we'll have a couple more dumps of snow,  however days like today stir up that excitement for longer days and more outside activities.
   Another short period of my "No Sew Sunday" was spent taking a nap in the sunlight and relaxing on my bed reading and journaling. Like I said, my kind of Sunday.

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Natalie Stodolka said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!