Friday, March 07, 2014

Etsy Interview- Linn Warme

   Today I have a little interview to share with you guys, featuring Linn and her creative shop, Linn Warme. She uses her own personal illustrations, which by the way are stunning, to construct some unique jewellery pieces that I really love and I'm sure you guys will too.
1) Tell us your story about how you began creating these art and nature inspired pieces.
I got the idea to create jewelry from my illustration when my school had a Christmas market a few years ago, it was a easy way of creating something of something I already created, to my surprise it was a huge success and I got a lot of happy customers that Christmas market.
2) What's your design process for your pieces?
I usually start my process with drawing things from the nature, it can be anything from animals to flowers, after I'm done with the illustration I can decide what I want to make of it, should it be a piece of jewelry, a part of a pattern or am I happy with it just as a illustration? I'm always driven by my eager to create new things and I love to just sit down with a big cup of coffee and just draw all day.
3) Right now what's your favorite item in your shop?
It's probably these earrings of mine, I call them Colorful Flower Earrings and the title speak pretty clear what they are, they're fun, simple and colorful, that's why I love them :)

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