Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Designer Feature- Le Muse- Lina

   This week I'm thrilled to introduce to you guys Lina and her shop, Le Muse, for the Featured Etsy Designer interview.

   When I first came across some of Lina's designs I was rather mesmerized by the way she draped and hung her fabrics into beautiful sweaters and dresses. Her pieces seem to have such a comfortable yet incredibly luxurious flow to them. Personally I'm in love with her Offwhite Long Cozy Sweater.

   But enough about my thoughts, let's learn a bit more about Lina and her beautiful designs. 
1) Tell us your story about how you began sewing garments.
   I started 5 years ago. It was a gap in my life when I finished one project and was looking what to do after. So I got the fabric, wonderful fabric and didn’t wanted to spoil it by cutting. So I was trying to find the form, which I can make as a blouse. And I did it. For me was very important to show person charisma. How to create the cloth which will show nice the nicest parts of the body and to hide what should be hidden. So I’m trying to do it till now creating the designs. For me it is important to show person charisma. That the clothes you are wearing will not influence you, and can inspire you to show all your perfect inside.
2) What's your design process for your garments?
   Usually the ideas comes first to my mind. After I develop the idea in the mind and then comes the drawing process. I draw all the designs. And finally I design them on the fabric. So this is the process. Sometimes it changes, when I start from the fabric directly but its only sometimes.

3) How do you come up with your style and designs for the garments?
   For me very important to show what is inside of the person. For that reason I try to create designs which will hide what should be hiden and will show what should be shown. So in this way person can relax and feel free to speak and behave in its way.
4) Are you full time with your Etsy shop
   Today LeMuse is a small company selling designs all over the world. But the beginning came from Etsy. It was the first place to sell designs. What I did I created what was in mine mind: the brand which I can influence everyday and create the vision as it comes to mine mind. This is my field for creativity.

5) Right now what's your most popular item?
   I like asymmetric things. When the haircut is asymmetric and clothes are asymmetric. Then it creates the vision that asymmetric can be perfect as well. So for now I like the most this sweater. Its simple. Very warm and cozy collar, perfect fabric and simple design
What I like as well is this asymmetric dress
Cozy sweater and the dress in one
Sweater with a bow
6) Any tips for designs looking to start an Etsy shop?
   I would say just do it. Do it as you imagine and you feel. This is important. And I’m sure that will be people who likes it and want to have your design in the closet.

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