Monday, February 03, 2014

My Needle Book Project

   Last week I began looking into making my own pincushions and in the process found some tutorials on making needle books. At first I thought they were a bit silly as they seemed like an over done way to store needles, however I then realized how many needles I've lost in my own pincushion. They disappear so quickly without a ball head and can lead to some frustrating moments trying to pull them back out. Maybe there was some clever thought put behind an object like this.
  A few days back I found this great Needle Book Tutorial by nanaCompany and decided since I had a whole Saturday afternoon off I'd give it a try. I'm so happy I did too as this booklet was a joy to create and the more it came together the more I realized how handy it really will be to have in my sewing room.  Hopefully seeing it there will also remind me to work on more "Me" projects every once and awhile.
   Spending a few hours in my sewing room and not working on a garment was surprisingly refreshing. I guess it's good for me to shake things up and create something just for me. 


Natasha said...

I really need to make one too. I keep losing needles. Mine will probably be a lot simpler though, because I'm lazy :)

Unknown said...

I want one. And I don't even sew.

<3 Daryl