Sunday, February 09, 2014

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

   Saturday I had the pleasure of spending my morning with Jonathan and Bailee doing a photoshoot for some of my new designs. This was my first time working indoors as typically I like outdoor settings as this allows for more variety in backgrounds and natural lighting. However due to snowy February weather we decided ahead of time to attempt trying a backdrop and working in a well light building. Thankfully we had the perfect stop, the front of my church, and over time (and with a lot of glue and paper) I was able to make a some what cute backdrop.

   Obviously I won't be sharing any of the photos from the actual shoot, those will be saved for when I post the new items to my shop. However I thought it might be fun to give a sneak peak and show you guys some behind the scenes shots.
 We tried some different posses or jumps to create something different. Typically they just ended up like this...
   I loved working indoors for the first time as I was able to spread everything out. It seemed like things got messy quickly but it was a controlled sort of mess which worked perfectly for me.
   On of my favorite parts about a shoot is sometimes I decide to buy flowers for the model to use. In the end I get to go home with a variety of pretty flowers that I wouldn't normally purchase for myself. Plus, since they are used as worked related they are also tax deductible. ;) 
   Another random highlight from the shoot was since the entire morning was pretty relaxed we kept the TVs on to watch the Olympics during any pauses or breaks. GO CANADA!!! Obviously this made for one of my more favorite photo shoots!


pauly said...

This is great Teaka. I love reading about your work and seeing glimpses of what you're doing. I look forward to seeing the photos when you post them!

Unknown said...

Hmmm...are those some delicious goodies in the brown bag??

Emme said...

This looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out. Your designs look adorable, as usual.

Seeing this makes me think how I really need to step it up and do something with my design skills and desire. I can't believe we went to school together and look at how far you've come! Proud tear :)

Anonymous said...

lovely! :)

Irene Wibowo

Teaka said...

Hey Emme,
thanks for the sweet words. I'm rather excited to see the photos as well. Haha as my husband who takes the pictures won't let me see them till their done. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after I can add the new items to my shop.
You have such great style, I know that if you decide to create some garments they'll be totally up my alley. :)