Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Favorite Game

   Jonathan and I love having people over and mostly love playing games with them. So, if you've ever been over to our abode for an evening hang out you've probably been subjected to a board game or some sort of game during that time. Our all time favorite is a game we've owned since being married and it still seems to be the main one we'll pull out for guest, Things In A Box. It's simply a question game, the reader reads an inquiry and everyone writes out their answer on a paper. Once the papers are handed backthe reader reads out the answer and people have to guess who said what. It sounds incredibly simple however it becomes hilarious very quickly.

   Last night we had the privilege of hosting dinner at our place with Elizabeth, Perry and our long time friend Jannelle with her husband Chris and their baby. Dinner was delicious, the company was wonderful and the game time a blast, all combining to a delightful night.
   Do you have a go to game when you have friends over? Do share because Jonathan and I love finding new games and trying them out!

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