Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Designs and New Music

   January has been an odd month for coming up with designs. I started the year off with a definite idea of some new garments I wanted to create and ultimately put up in my shop. However after making a few of these items I realized I was no longer pleased with them and now I'm back to the drawing board.
   The process of staying on track with "my style" has always been a tricky one. I see all these fancy and fun ideas, (dang you Pinterest) and then get caught up with wanting to create something I've already seen. This has happened to me numerous times and once the garment is complete I find myself staring at it feeling very little love for the final product. I think I'm starting to find confidence in what I really love for design, not that I'm defined by it or have to stay within that box, however after making the items and if I can't picture it in the environments love then I ultimately have no peace about selling it.
  That's what this week has been looking like for me, a complete overhaul of some original poofy, glitzy garments for new designs that are more... my taste, hopefully simple, vintage, and cute.
   On a side note I had some new music to listen to while I was sewing away. I received a new CD from Adam and Natalie Stodolka, I Am Looking, and I love it!! The songs are so calming and beautiful, perfect for a Thursday morning/afternoon tucked away.

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