Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Completed Needlepoint

   Earlier this year, back around Easter, I began a needlepoint craft that I had found tucked away in my parent's basement. It was an older kit from the 1980's and I could tell it hadn't been touched for years. But everything was in tack and it looked like the perfect little side craft to work on. You can see those photos and read a little about the kit in this past post, New Needlepoint Project. This project was started way back in April and since I was taking my time it was not completed until August. I'm just now posting it about.
I love the texture and colours of this design. I just need to find the perfect little spot in my home to have it on display. For now it sits simply on top of our piano.


Unknown said...

It looks lovely. I especially like that rose colour.

Katie said...

I love it! It is really pretty!

Courtney said...

So... I totally just blog-stalked you from Emme's blog and saw this post and I have to tell you: this is the most gorgeous needlepoint I've ever laid eyes on! I loved it so much I immediately tried to find another one on eBay. I just hope mine turns out even a fraction as pretty as yours!