Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Autumn Date with Jonathan

   A couple Saturdays back Jonathan and I decided to get away for the afternoon and drive out to Elkwater Park. We had a plan to go biking, find Munzees and after all that have a cozy campfire, relax and cook our lunch.  Yet when we finally got out to the park we discovered that what we thought was simply a flat tire on my bike was instead a hole. Sadly biking was crossed off the list. Regardless we weren't going to let that stop us and decided to take a leisurely stroll around the beautiful paths.
   Jonathan quite enjoys searching for Munzees, which is basically a smart phone version of a treasure hunt. You can find a map of whatever area your in and it shows spots with a random hint about where to find this sticker "Munzee". Once you find the Munzee you take a picture of it and gain points. These can be found all over the world so it's kind of exciting when he discovers one in someplace unexpected.
   The trees were starting to change colours and the view was amazing. It felt so good to be out of town, even for only a few hours, just to be able enjoy some unspoiled time together.
   The thing is as much as we were enjoying ourselves, being out of town, having a date day together and exploring a park, the autumn winds were incredibly chilly that afternoon. We tried to tough it out but decided that even attempting a fire would be more work than pleasure. Instead we decided to continue on our walk and then find a warm restaurant for our lunch. Over all it was a perfect afternoon, even though our date didn't go quite as planned.

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