Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Lace Peter Pan Collar

   Most times I find it a bit of a struggle to really predict what will and won't sell on my Etsy shop or to know what will be popular. I can design something and be head over heals in love with it but discover that there's a completely different garments that's turning into a hot seller. For example my Detachable Peter Pan Collar. I had originally made it for a customer who requested just the collar off my Peter Pan Collar Shirt. I made a listing for the plain collar not thinking I would ever sell another one, however after another customer asked for one I decided there would be no harm in posting it for everyone. Turns out it's been one of my unexpected best sellers, among other garments. With that collar's success I decided I'd offered a slightly different version that comes off of my Lace Peter Pan Collar T-shirt. 

 I really love how this one turned out with the lace over lay and the adorable little bow in the back. Plus the style of it looks great with a V-neck t-shirt. Now you can jazz up your plain everyday shirts into something cute and vintage looking. I'm probably going to have to make one for myself now for my own tops.


Samantha Heather said...

I've always wanted a detachable peter pan collar! This one is beautiful :)

petal and plume said...

this is absolutely perfect!

Unknown said...

How clever!