Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First Time Canning Experience

   Growing up on a farm I was fortunate to be surrounded by the many seasonal activities that one may associate with living on the prairies. The family farm had the cows, geese, goats, rabbits, wheat and chick pea fields, bailing was done once or maybe twice a year, we had a huge garden, a wonderful apple orchard and so forth. To say the least my parents were typically always busy doing something. The seasonal periods I remember vividly were the days of late summer when we all harvested the gardens, picked the apples and began the long process of canning. Even though I remember so much of those times, the smells, the heat, and the beautiful colours, I unfortunately was never able to remember the exact process for properly filling those glass jars. So, last week I decided to purchase a box of peaches and a bag of mini cucumbers and make a quick day trip home with anticipation of learning from my Mom how to can these goodies.
   I discovered that the whole process to both can fruits and to pickle the cucumbers really wasn't to difficult. However it's a time consuming task and for me it's a bit difficult to understanding when things have properly sealed.
   You see after hearing all the jars "pop" and seal I figured they were good. However when I got home I noticed some of the lids had "unpopped". I put these couple jars in the fridge and the next day they were sealed down again. I continue to check on all the jars and I'm discovering they will "pop" down but then some later may pop up again. That being said, I unscrewed the metal ring to pry a little and see if the actual lid was sealed down. With a little too much force I accidentally pryed open a pickle lid. It seemed like it must have been ok. However I fear they still haven't sealed properly.
   I love my jars of pickles, peaches and a jar of raspberries. I would be terribly upset if any of them hadn't sealed properly resulting in having to toss them. Yet that being said I do believe that this is the best way to learn.
Fingers crossed.

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