Monday, September 16, 2013

Felt Acorn Tutorial

   With the autumn season quickly approaching I thought it might be fun to share a tutorial for felt acorns. I had made a bunch a couple weeks ago in order to include a little something special in my packages I send out for my Etsy shop, Teaka Marie.

   There are a few ways to create the balls and ways to stringing them. This just happened to be the process that worked best for me and gave me the look I wanted.
   For starters you'll want an assortment of acorn caps. Where I lived I don't have access to an acorn type tree so I ended up ordering mine from Mary's shop, Snorkelbuzz. You will also need dishsoap, wool roving (basic wool that hasn't been spun), a hot glue gun, twin, and a drill with the smallest drill tip option.
   You'll begin by taking a small hand full of roving and adding a tiny drop of soap, run your hand under water and begin rolling the wool with both hands into a ball. It may take a minute for you to feel the wool taking shape. Keep on rolling until you get the shape you want.
   You may find for some of the balls that a split has begun to form. Simply take a small piece of the wool, wrap it around the split and continue rolling with your hands until it's filled in and you've achieve that have a nice smooth felt ball.
   Once you have rolled all your wool allow the balls to dry for a few hours. I allowed mine to dry over night and they were perfectly ready the next morning.
   This next step is only if you want to thread a string through the acorn cap so the final product can become an ornament.
   I used the smallest drill tip I could find in my husband's tool box. It was helpful as he showed me how to properly use the tool so I wouldn't drill a hole into our kitchen counter. Basically he got me to us the wooden side of a chalk board eraser to hold the caps on while I drilled through. That seemed to do the trick. All you need is one small hole on the top of each cap and you're good to go.
   Finally pop yourself in front of TV and watch your favorite show while you thread your string through the hole, tie a knot at the end and cut off the extras.  Last step is to add hot glue all around the inside of the cap, and set a felt ball inside to stick.
   That's it! It's such a super easy craft and though it takes a bit of time it's totally worth it when you end up with a jar full of cute autumn acorns.

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