Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Heart Elbow Patch...Fail

   Sometimes I work on projects and it's not until the very end that I realize something went wrong and the whole project has been botched. This is the case for this past Sunday. I found some of my lost wool roving and needle felting items so I decided I'd attempt creating my own Heart Shaped Elbow Patch, a felting project I've been seeing a lot of on Pinterest. Really the whole idea is quite cute and since I had an older cardigan everything was perfect for trying it out.

   It took a bit of time but each heart began to take on it's shape nicely. Over all I was very content and delighted with how things were looking.
.....well there you see it. I put on the sweater and realized that though the hearts were perfectly aligned with the elbow, the heart on the left was felted on the front of the sleeve and not the back. Needle felting is tricky and almost impossible to get out. Now I own a cardigan with one heart on the elbow and one on the front....Ooopss.

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