Saturday, August 24, 2013

DIY Paris Blue Picnic Table

   This whole summer I've been incredibly slacking with updating this blog. I'm finally committing to jumping back on the band wagon and will start posting some of the projects I'm working on or random life events I once enjoyed writing about.

   One thing I've been wanting to show you guys is my DIY picnic table. Jonathan found an old worn out  table on the sidewalk with a "For Free" sign and brought it back for me (with the help of a neighbor). Even though it had seen better days I was incredibly excited to bring it back to life. I planned on getting some good use out of it this summer since we had no proper seating or eating area in our back yard.

   I wanted something bright and different so I selected "Paris Blue". After some hard core sanding I went at it and began to see the picnic table's transformation from blah to TA-DA!
   Now that it's done Jonathan and I have been able to host a few outdoor dinners this summer and I must say it's been the best. Having a spot outdoors, in the shade where it's drastically cooler than inside or even having that option for just Jonathan and I to be able to play a card game in the evening has been so wonderful.

   Though summer is almost over I know we'll get in a few more evening card games and a couple small hang outs with friends that will involve this Paris Blue picnic table.It's such a simple piece of furniture but one that has brought me great joy this season.

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Unknown said...

wow.. it's cool! like smurf table! ;)

Irene Wibowo