Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Guilty Pleasure In Sewing

   ....I really don't think this could be called a guilty pleasure but it's one of those secret parts of sewing that I look forward to the most if a garment that calls for it. It's the time when I get to pull off the cover on my domestic sewing machine and make button holes!!!
   Yes I know this sounds incredibly silly that during the whole process, the one thing, as mundane and minor as it is brings me a little joy.

   Truth is I often feel like my domestic sewing machine is neglected and often can sit weeks on end untouched. So, finally when I get to sew a garment that requires button holes I feel like I'm giving my other machines a well deserved break and using my domestic for something worth while.
   What part of sewing do you rather enjoy more than others? 


Anonymous said...

I just love the sound... lol it is kinda weird, but I do, and I really love it when I finish a project.

~Sarah : ) New follower!

Suzanne Dunken Englund said...

I definitely don't love button holes! They feel so final and I'm afraid of messing up!