Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Our New (to us) Piano

  We have a piano!! This comes at a cost though as it originally belong to my my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who are moving to Montreal. This major relocation will drastically limits the amount of time we'll be seeing them. That being said I'm thrilled also for their move and I wish them all the best because I know this is where they truly want to be.
   Since moving a piano to Montreal would be a bit much Jonathan and I are harboring the family piano at our place for the time being. No complaints here.
   We were also super blessed to have some men from our church help Jonathan move the piano from the U-haul into our place. Many hands make for light work.

   The piano not only fills that empty wall space...
   But also gives me an opportunity to regain my love for the keys.
   I'm afraid that picking up the piano isn't quite like getting on a bike, where you remember everything so quickly. Instead I find I'm having to almost retrain my mind even though my fingers seem to have a little bit of muscle memory left.

   I love having a piano in our home!


Katie said...

It is beautiful. I really want to learn to play piano. My dad got me one for really cheap, it is old and ginormous and so I think I really need to try to learn this year.

Unknown said...

you are so lucky! i am having to leave my piano and it's the saddest thing!

Emme said...

How fun! There will be so many memories made with this new addition to your house, I'm sure:)