Friday, April 26, 2013

Jonathan's New (to him) Bike

   The other day Jonathan took on a new project to spruce up an old bike his brother so wonderfully gave to him. For the most part the road bike was in good shape, with the exception of the older paint colour. So, all it really needed was fresh coat to bring it back its former glory.
   Once the paint was dry we were anxious to get on a path so we could take our first bike ride together. Yes it's true we've never taken a bike ride together as this is the first bike Jonathan has during our married lives.
   It was such a beautiful evening and we loved getting out on the path to finally see some signs of spring. I always feel like it's truly spring when the rivers are overfilling and there's small streams coming down the hills.
   I'm loving that Jonathan and I have another activity we can do together now. I feel there will be many more bike trips and adventures we'll be going on this summer. Bring it on!

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Katie said...

The fresh coat of paint looks great! My husband and I love riding our bikes together. Enjoy the many more that are yet to come. :)

Take care,