Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Books My Sister Gave Me

   My sister loves to give books. It's a discovered fact among any who know her well and as her twin I have been the lucky recipient of her many gifted treasures. These books are scattered around my place in various spots like my sewing room, baskets, shelves or suitable floor space. Every once and awhile I stumble upon one and take great joy rereading it.
   I think the reason I'm sharing this simple post is because it's such a small thing that adds love to my home. These books may seem incredibly random to the average visitor but for myself I cherish many of them because they have a history or a story (besides the story within the pages). They make me feel loved because my sister was reminded of me or us when she discovered that particular hidden treasure.
   I have no doubt my sister's future children will be hard core book worms or at least I deeply hope so. For her ability to find the uttermost perfect book for just the right person is something to be award.
I treasure my random and wonderful books.


Liz Brown said...

This is so special. I'm the bookworm of the family .... always digging through thrift stores and little random bookstores for "new" treasures. Fully a third of my library is kids' books for my someday family :) Books are fantastic.

helen said...

such beautiful vintage books!!! :) what a sweet collection.

Unknown said...

wow..great book.:)
Irene Wibowo