Thursday, March 07, 2013

My New Short Hair

   I did it, I went short! I'm sure in a week or two I may cry because I miss my long hair but for now I'm actually really loving this fresh look. My hair was in need of a major trim so I figured I might as well do something fun and new while I try to regrow it all healthy and strong again.
Excuse my silly shirt, it's for work and I was just heading out.


Emme said...

woohoo! you look gorgeous!! doesn't it feel fantastic?

Kari Jeanne said...

Love the short hair!! It looks great! I held off cutting my long hair for so long but now am SO HAPPY that I chopped a lot off!

Unknown said...

lovely photo! xx

The Provocative Couture

suz and viv said...

it's so cute!