Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Little Mess

   Typically I loath having little messes laying around the house. If something looks unorganized or out of place I'll pick it up and either hide it or put it where I think it should be. This comes as a great annoyance to Jonathan but sometimes I can't help it.
   Yet this week I've taken to quite enjoying leaving my embroidery laying around the living room. True it leaves a mess but it reminds me to pick it up and play a little while watching a movie or when I'm relaxing.
   Clearly this is just a random collage of images with no cohesive look but having something to do with my hands is always nice.
   It's a little mess I actually like.


Katie said...

Looks pretty! Embroidery is so much fun! <3

Unknown said...

I'm that exact way with knitting- I always leave it out so I can pick it up at anytime. My family always gets mad when they sit on a needle. :P