Monday, February 18, 2013

My DIY Yellow Lamp

   I love long weekends as they're great for attempting projects I wouldn't have time otherwise to do. For instance we've been needing some extra light in our living room so I decided it was time to bring in a lamp, a DIY style lamp.
   Honestly I thought I knew exactly what I was doing but turns out my simple idea of spray painting a second hand lamp wasn't exactly as easy as I expected. Plus it didn't help that I have zero experience with a can of  spray paint. Regardless I had this "vision" of a bright yellow lamp to add some colour to our living room and I was determined to make it happen.
   First thing I discovered was that spray painting needs a form of technique that I was, and still am not very familiar with. Jonathan saw the lamp and suggested that it was too cold out and I needed to bring it in, also that I needed to spray thinner layers. Sadly by that time it was already pretty drippy but I tried to adjust accordingly.
In the end, the lamp wasn't that bad. Mind you when you look up close you can see a few drip marks but regardless I quite like my new yellow lamp.
   Working on any project makes you fall in love with it more than any random person since they didn't put their time or love into it. Which is probably why Jonathan only rolled his eyes at my new creation. Haha. He'll soon appreciate the extra lighting in our home when those dark evenings come.
   I also think the lamp looks lovely beside my new fleece Hudson Bay blanket Jonathan gave me for my birthday. 


Natasha said...

It looks good from here :) You can always lightly sand the drip marks and give it another coat if you want.

Emme said...

It looks great! Good job for not having any experience with spray paint. Hmmm....makes me want to spray paint something...