Thursday, February 07, 2013

Guest Blogger, Sare in the City

   Finally I have time to feature this guest post from an old school mate, Sarah, who is an awesome fashion blogger over at Sare in the City. Awhile ago I asked Sarah if she was up for answering some questions regarding her transition from a small city to big city life and how that influnced her fashion?
   It was clear during our short college years that Sarah had a fantastic fashion sense and even now, in a whole new city, she still maintains her trendy looks with fun and unique outfits. I highly encourage you to check out her blog, follow her or just say hello as she shares some of her daily adventures and her creative ensembles.
1) Tells us a bit about who you are, where you came from and how you got where you are now.
   My name is Sarah also known as Sare, and I blog over at Sare in the City. I’m originally a prairie girl. This past Fall I moved to the big city to persue my fashion dreams in a Fashion Communications program. My blog documents my styles, adventures and interests here in Toronto.
 2) What sort of unexpected challenges did you face when you first transitioned from one city to a much larger one?
   I think the biggest transition about moving from a smaller city to a large center was going from having a vehicle and driving everywhere all the time to walking everywhere and learning public transporation. Being on my feet constantly changes how I dress, that’s for sure. It’s been quite the adventure but a good one!

3) Have you felt pressure to spend more on trendy clothing now that you live in a bigger city than you did before?
   I haven’t felt pressure to spend more on trendy clothing as I’ve always felt confindent in my style wherever I’ve been. I think that’s important in order to show off ones individuality. 

4) What were some of the big or small differences you discovered in your style change from one city to another?
   The big change I’ve noticed in my style since I’ve moved is how I layer things, I find myself wearing multiple layers in the cooler seasons. As the weather here changes often I like to be sure I’m ready for whatever the weather brings. A smaller change I’ve noticed is often the lack of heels I wear. The street car tracks and uneven walkways can make it a little tricky.
5) have you leaned any money saving tips for looking big city fashionable without breaking the bank?
   I find investing on basics is the best and keeping up on trends with accessories such as a scarf, belt, bracelets, etc.

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