Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sewing Music

   Tonight I thought it might be fun to quickly share with you guys a few of my current favorite songs to play while sewing. Sadly I found out I have no clue how to add those cool playlists that so many other bloggers are able to add to their posts. So, we're going to do it the old fashion way of simply linking you back to the YouTube clip so you can listen to these songs, if you so desire.
   I think most everyone gets inspired or finds focus when the right song comes on and for myself it's handy to have a selection of songs that, as silly as it sounds, sound like the item I'm sewing. It helps me keeps some what motivated.

   Right now here are a few of my favorites. Take a listen to a few of them.
What I Wouldn't Do- Serena Ryder
Oh How I Need You- All Sons and Daughters
Called Me Higher- All Sons and Daughters
Time to Be- Paper Aeroplanes
You Are the Beauty- Gungor
Lost and Found- Katie Herzig


Unknown said...

Hi Teaka! Guess what?? I just signed up to take a sewing class starting next week! I'm always inspired when I see some of the beautiful things you've created :) Will totally give these songs a listen! xx

Emme said...

Good music always makes sewing more fun :)