Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday Weekend

   Goodness, this weekend was filled with way to many wonderful things that I simply couldn't express in a post how loved I felt and how much fun I had.
   It was my twin, Elizabeth, and my birthday this last Friday so she came up to my city to hang out with us. I was delighted to spend the weekend with my two favorite people, Jonathan and my sister Elizabeth.
   Saturday Elizabeth and I killed some time in the morning by checking out some downtown shops and found a wonderful antique shop where I purchased a simple wooden stool.
   When we returned home I was shocked to discovered Jonathan and Elizabeth had planned a surprise birthday party. It was originally suppose to be a surprise for both Elizabeth and myself but apparently she caught on earlier in the planning so ended up helping Jonathan with keeping it hush.

   To say the least it was amazing to have friends, new and old, along with family from back home in Saskatchewan, come over to hang out and celebrate our birthday.
   Another highlight has having some extra time to spend with some friends who spent the night at our place and left later Sunday afternoon.
   It was also pretty sweet receiving a massive jar of jelly beans to share with everyone. Not going to lie, they went down quickly. :)
So yeah, pretty awesome weekend!


Kelsey Eaton said...

That sounds like such a fun birthday! Happy Birthday!!

suz and viv said...

happy belated birthday! - Viv

Emme said...

A happy belated birthday to you! I looks like you had a wonderful time!