Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sarah's Wedding in My White Lace Dress

   Early this summer I was so thrilled when Sarah (a bride to be) had ordered two dresses from my Etsy shop for her wedding. I loved sewing up her garments and packaging them up just for her. Much to my delight she not only thanked me for the garments but even followed up in time to send me a few photos of her on her wedding day and a follow up reception.
   I was blessed to hear that she loved the dresses and even more so excited to see how she added her own person touch to each outfit to suit her wedding and personality.
   Sarah was wonderful enough to even let me share a few of the photos with you guys.

   Here she is on her big day in the White Lace Dress. Words can't express how much I lover her hair piece and ribbon belt she added. Beautiful!
   Her second dress was for a reception in a different location and different time. She totally rocked the Button Up Pocket Dress. Once again nailing it with a home made burlap belt and those cowboy boots are just perfect!
   Looks like they had a blast at their wedding!

   I'm so thankful that Sarah was able to send me a few photos and make my day. I wish her and her hubby such a fun newly wed season!


Kari Jeanne said...

Wow!!! What a special thing - to have someone love your piece enough to choose it for their wedding day!! And I can completely see why - BOTH of those dresses are incredible!!! You are amazingly talented Teaka :)

Gentri said...

Gorgeous! You are so so talented, Teaka! Maybe, if I ever get married, I'll have you make my wedding dress. :)

helen said...

so beautiful!!! what you made is beautiful and looks amazing on her :)

Stesha said...

oh my gosh!! How cute is she and that dress!! You do amazing work!


SarahMorrill said...

Thank you Teaka! How sweet of you to feature us.

Again, I had a blast with both of the dresses and can't wait to wear them again and again :)

Unknown said...

Wow. That looks amazing on her! That's so sweet of you to let her wear it!

Love your blog :) New follower!