Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My Favorit Fall Faux Pas

   I'm clearly not a fashion blogger. I don't write about fashion nor do I delight your eyes with my every day wardrobe ensembles. In fact since taking on my new job my love for creative outfits has been put to the side as every day I wear either wear all black or some new promo t-shirt. It's sad but none the less life goes on and I find getting ready in the morning that much easier.

   For now though I just thought I'd show off one piece from my closet that I love to death. The lame thing is my husband hates it. He quivers when he sees me in it and if he had his way it would have been tossed years ago. But I hold strong to it and though I don't wear it anymore I'm sure some camping trip or something will call for it's cozy quirky characteristics.
   This knitted weird sweater that I quite enjoy has some crazy non-complementary colours, flowers and zig zags all over it. The best part is the long pointed hood in the back.

   I bought it years back at a boutique I worked at (my first job ever). Over time I just haven't been able to give it away. It's too wonderful.
So cheers to our not always classy wardrobe items that we love! We all have them.


Stress and Stars said...

I own an honest-to-God appliqued cat-sweater that is my perfect terrible piece of clothing that I love. I just roll around in that thing all winter, although I usually have to promise my husband I'll keep the amount of times I wear it as low as possible.

Color is awesome. And everybody should have that piece of delightfully ugly clothing they love. No shame!

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I have them too and sometimes I really do want to post a picture of me in them... but I'm too scared to make a bad impression haha. Thumbs up to you for beeing this brave and I actually quite love this super cosy looking sweater ^^ x