Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inside My Home

   It has basically been three months now that we've been living in Medicine Hat. Life seems to have found its pattern and we're slowly adjusting to our new city and home. As happy as I am to be living a little closer to home and having this new town adventure, I find myself faced with a little sadness that my life I loved back in Lethbridge is officially over. Mostly everything has changed for Jonathan and me, new jobs, new friends, trying to find a new church, and the obvious, a new home.

   I was standing in my some what clean place and decided it was time to show you guys our new dig. I'll admit I'm not in love with it. I haven't warmed up to the flow of the rooms nor have I been able to really settle in a new look. But it is what it is and I'm over all just content to have a home large enough for plenty of company.
 I'll fight the urge to point out what I don't like as it's a bad habit that I need to break. Rather I'll focus on the positives things, like my large windows in the living room.
   There's a good space for our dinning area too.
   My favorite room is the kitchen which doesn't boast much in view but it's spacious and I am able to store more items and move around with ease.
   A lot of things carried over form the old place and basically have the exact same set up such as my white shelving unit. For now things aren't getting to creative.
   The master bedroom is by no means a magazine inspired room but I'm proud to say that finally Jonathan and I have matching lamps. Baby steps.

This new place is slowly feeling like home and I know as time goes on things will fall more and more in place. But I'll admit that right now things are feeling a sad. What we need is a little life in the rooms. Perhaps a pet or sorts....maybe a dog would liven things up?


Kari Jeanne said...

Glad to hear your settling into your new home :) It definitely takes a little while to get the feel of a nice place though! Have you thought about painting some of your wooden furniture?? We did bright red bed side tables this summer and I LOVED the pop of colour - super happy!

Liz Brown said...

For some reason I really like that blue plaid blanket in your bedroom. It looks awfully warm and cozy.

Emme said...

lovely! i especially like the wall colour.