Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Etsy Designer Lucia, Lucia Verona

This fine Wednesday morning I'm delight to feature another incredibly talented designer, Lucia of Lucia Verona. I began to see some of her unique and timeless garments on Etsy a few months ago and couldn't help returning to her store often to drool over her beautiful dresses and cozy looking sweaters. I was of course thrilled that she let me interview her with a few questions for this feature. I know you guys will enjoy her designs and interview so enough with this chit chat.

Introducing, Luica.

1) First just tell us about yourself and how you got started sewing?
    Hi, my name is Lucia, I was born and raised in Slovakia. Ever since I can remember I was fascinated by clothes, raiding my mothers closet filled with beautiful timeless pieces. I used to draw my ideas all over my notebooks during school classes, even tried to sew a bit, but never took it more seriously...probably I was not able to sit in one place for a long time. After graduation I moved to Tel Aviv where I lived with my boyfriend now husband. It was then, when I felt I was ready and enrolled in study of fashion design. Soon after I started working for several Israeli fashion designers. At that time I got the courage to design my own collection which I later sold in local boutiques. One day a good friend of mine introduced me to Etsy and now its been exactly two years since I've opened my shop there called Lucia Verona.

2) Are you full time with your Etsy shop? If so what point in your life where you able to commit this as your day job?
    Yes, my Etsy shop is my full time job. It happned just about eight months ago when we moved to the beautiful city of Prague. Everything was so new and exciting. I found it to be a great opportunity to rearrange my business and work process. The first change I did was to open my own studio out of our home.

3) When you started Lucia Verona through Etsy what were some challenges you faced?

    Well, I suppose my biggest challenge was self discipline, separating home from work and keeping normal working hours. Oh, and those custom made orders ... :)
4) Right now what are your most popular items?    My most popular items are my little black dresses and convertible shrugs. Actually those shrugs were the first items I designed especially for my Etsy shop.
 5) What inspires you to create new items?
    I love being creative, walking around with my eyes open trying to see things a little bit different. I also love the fact that inspiration can catch you anytime anywhere. This is why I always carry my cute little sketchbook which I bough where else if not on Etsy :)


The Braided Bandit said...

These are all gorgeous! Thank you for featuring her!

Rasz said...

These outfit are just gorgeous! :) you look fantastic! Would you like to follow each other?just let me know :)
I wait you in my blog!

Unknown said...

Cute styles!!!
From Paris with love, Vicky

The Golden Bun

Anonymous said...

That blue dress is absolutely gorgeous!! Laura xo