Saturday, September 08, 2012

So Many Plums

   Today is my father's birthday and so my parents came up to Medicine Hat for the day to spend some time shopping for him along with getting in some quality family time. (Have I said how much I love living closer to my family?)
Even though it was his birthday they came up bearing gifts for us including crab apples, fresh tomatoes, meat and best of all tones of plums from their trees. I couldn't be happier with these amazingly sweet and soft treats.

   They looks so beautiful too that I just had to show them off to you guys. Bonus my lovely mother bought me a cute top that coincidentally matches the lovely deep purple of the plums.
   I just finished washing, cutting and freezing a bunch of them but there's still so many left. I'm thinking of trying to make a plum cake but I need more ideas and recipes. Do you have any?


Gentri said...

hmmm... I don't know any plum recipes... I've heard of plum pudding. haha!
You look so cute and those plums look so good! What a fun weekend. :)

Julia said...

Yum! They look delish and they match your nice new top beautifully xo

Natasha said...

I've made this egg free brownie recipe with plums. (The recipe says prunes or apple, but I used plums)