Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finished Etsy Orders

   I'm so thrilled and relieved to say I've finished all my Etsy orders since adding some new garments to my shop, Teaka Marie. Even though it has just been over a week since I received those orders I felt rather concerned I wouldn't get them done in time or that I'd keep my customers waiting too long. Most of my free time after work I felt like I spent in my sewing room or on the floor cutting fabric. It was a lot of work but I'm proud of myself for getting all the orders complete and looking good.
   Today is a well deserved day of rest, though I look forward to my future orders. Now I only have to ship these packages out and hope my customers love their pieces as much as I enjoyed sewing them.


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

SO cute! Also, the packaging is just as cute as what's in the package, and nothing make's someone's day like getting a super cute package in the mail :) These are lovely!

Elizabeth said...

YOu are very talented my dear!!!

Alison said...

Alright, I just checked your shop and wanted to tell you how awesome your clothes are. I love peter pan collars! I need a bigger wardrobe allowance. :)