Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dog Sitting

   Currently Jonathan and I are watching over a dog for our friends while they are away. So I thought I'd introduce everyone to our new house guest, Sally. I can't quite remember what type of breed she is but she's a cutie hey?
   I'm not very use to having a dog around but for the most part it's gone pretty swell. At least she hasn't pooped on my carpets yet.

   We took her for her walk last night after I got home from work and though my feet were killing me from standing for 8 hours straight I was happy to be outside and on the path ways I most enjoy.
   Sally was a very curious and fast dog so it was almost impossible to keep her still for more than a few seconds to take any pictures. But at least she enjoyed herself and even made some new friends along the way.
   For the next few days our adventures with Sally continues. I think I need to take her for a walk though now.

1 comment:

Julia said...

What a wee cutie :)
It's amazing how much work having a dog can be, at least Sally is toliet trained - teaching my 2 that has been a nightmare!