Monday, August 20, 2012

Sister Time

   This past weekend was a busy one but for a few moments I had the pure joy of having my youngest brother, Caleb, and my twin, Elizabeth, spend the night at our place while they shopped their hearts out in Calgary, 2 hours away. Since we didn't get to see much of each other I found that Sunday morning was my favorite time as Elizabeth and I prepared a light breakfast for everyone before church.
   Home made banana bread, peaches, oranges and chocolate chips for those who prefer chocolate in their banana bread. (Boo!)
   Elizabeth even had time to show me how to quickly shred my left over zucchini so I could freeze it for future recipes. For some reason I didn't think about doing this and was afraid I was going to have to throw it out in a few days before it went bad. Silly me.
   In the mean time the boys relaxed in the living room watching Jonathan play some old school Mario games. I didn't mind though because I got my one on one sister time.
   I quite like living closer to my family. Though we obviously wont be seeing them every other weekend I like that the drive is only 2 hours away for us and being on the Trans Canada highway it's more likely we can be a stopping point when they're on that road.

Life is good...and sweet like honey.


Gaby said...

i've been having banana bread for brekky too, it's the best. must be so nice to be closer to family :)

vintage grey said...

What yummy bread!! Happy Monday! xo Heather