Monday, August 13, 2012

My New Sewing Room

   Many times when bloggers and designers give sneak peaks into their sewing rooms I'm left with a feeling of nostalgic bliss and a desire to likewise have a creative, beautiful space to sew my things in. Well I do have that space but as you're about to see it's in no way that inspiring dreamy room many designers have. What I have is a small, functional sewing room. No art hanging about, no trendy objects, nothing. Just me and my machines.

   Regardless I'm excited to show off my room for the sheer fact that I finally have one all to myself. In this prior post, My Current Sewing Room, I showed photos of my last tiny room shared with the guest bed. No room for anything else.

   Tada, but look what I can fit into this small space! My sewing machine, serger, domestic, bust form and I can even pull out my ironing board when needed. 
  Now with this extra space I can start working on some of my fall items for my Etsy shop. It's a slower process this time around but I'm just as excited about the up coming garments.
   Well no more dilly dallying for me. I start me new job today, a key holder at La Senza. I'm so looking forward to having a full time job again. I love to sew but right now sewing doesn't pay the bills. Going to go make some money folks.


monicutte said...

It is awesome!! (: a great place for creating. Enjoy it a lot!! good luck with your new job!

Kim said...

Looks goooood!! :) I like that it looks like there is a lot of light! :)

vintage grey said...

What a great place to create away!! Happy sewing! xo Heather

Contemplating Beauty said...

I like your sweet sewing space!

what is a key holder, my goodness, i'm sorry I don't know:o

Unknown said...

that's so exciting, i think it looks great, what are you talking about? :)

Natassya said...

Looks great and comfy :)