Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Etsy Designer Eve, Thimble and Acorn

   Now that I can finally get back into the blogging routine I'm happy to return to featuring some awesome Etsy designers. Today's feature is one I'm very excited about as it's with Eve from Thimble and Acorn. Her shop is filled with unique women's wear items that have been a hit with Etsy shoppers. The garments are not only stylish but look super comfortable, something we can all appreciate.

   With no further adieu here is Eve's feature about her designs and work life.  
1) First just tell us about yourself and how you got started sewing?
   Hi!  My name is Eve, and I live in an old farmhouse in Vermont.  I spend my days in my home studio sewing tops, dresses, bags and hand knits.  I have a couple of vegetable gardens and love to preserve and pickle what I grow.  I also have been studying soap making for the past year, and am thoroughly addicted to it!
   I started sewing in my early teenage years- mainly alterations to make basic things more unique looking. In high school I made a lot of my own dresses and tops, I used some patterns and started making up simple ones of my own. I started sewing clothes full time a few years ago because I couldn’t think of anything else I would want to do everyday for a living.  
2) Has living in different cities and areas changed your design style or impacted the way you create items? 
   When I was moving every year I would hesitate to buy large quantities of material.  During this time I made more one of a kind pieces, which was stimulating for my creative mind, but exhausting to have to photograph new things every week.  Now that I am settled in a fairly spacious house I have been investing in full bolts of fabric, and am able to sell full size runs of tops and dresses in a few select brick and mortar shops. 
   I still enjoy making one of a kind pieces occasionally, but I do appreciate having more time I have to create new things now that I am not spending every free moment photographing and editing!  I am also now able to make my clothes in custom sizes for my customers, which is very important to me.
3) What sorts of fabrics do you use for your designs?
            In my etsy shop now I have been working with modal/cotton blends, organic cotton, linen, hemp blends and bamboo blends.  I try to use a wide range of materials, and keep them as earth friendly as I can, while being versatile and comfortable on all body types.  I aspire to keep learning about materials and working towards becoming more environmentally safe every year.  Even though I am a small business, being environmentally responsible is incredibly important to me.  I always date my studio trash/scrap bag, and have gotten down to one kitchen bag every 2-3 months or so!
4)  Are you full time with your shop? If so what point in your life where you able to commit this as your day job?
   Thimble and Acorn is my full time job. When I was first starting out I worked for a rock climbing company and later as a bartender while keeping Thimble and Acorn part time.  I do occasionally work with my stepmothers gardening glove company, as I love talking about gardening!  
5)  Right now what are your most popular items? 
   Definitely my Color Block Tees are the most popular right now.  I have been making them for a few years, but this year the color block trend has exploded!  I plan on always making these tops as they are my personal favorite and I think subtle color block tee shirts will always be a classic alternative to a basic tee.  I also love playing with color, and these are a great way to explore different color combinations. 

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