Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Morning Off

   Due to the nature of my new retail job I find I have a little more free time than I'm normally use to. Though I feel I've been doing a grand job filling in that extra time with useful activities and etsy shop work, sometimes I have moments where I enjoy just doing nothing.

   This morning, after finishing all my household chores and errand I was able to enjoy a few hours of relaxation.

I spent time knitting my winter scarf.
Browsed through many of my favorite recipe books.
Continued to work on trying to like tea.
Listened to Christmas music. Yes Christmas. I blame my husband for this.
Made two fried mushroom grilled cheese sandwiches for my husband's lunch.
Productive morning? Not completely. Yet I enjoyed every moment. Cheers to mornings and days off.


Emme said...

sounds perfectly lovely!

Girls Run Faster said...

Love the photos!

Christi Lynn said...

i love that you love to knit!

Julia said...

Sounds like a perfect morning!
Italians always talk about the art of doing nothing, it sounds like you've mastered it. Appreciating the little things makes for a happier life xo

Katie said...

Sounds delightful! And I've been listening to Christmas music since July haha I just couldn't help it.

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

Fried mushroom grilled cheese sandwiches? You are making me hungry! Looks really good! About the red hair, make sure they strip out the brown before they deposit the red in. It was a longer process, but it got me to the perfect shade! Hope you're having a great weekend :)



Southern (California) Belle

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Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

P.S. Following you now :)



Southern (California) Belle

Unknown said...

Lovely photos as usual! I love mornings off and just being able to laze around, drink coffee, and read my favorite blogs! -Jessica L