Friday, July 20, 2012

Teaka Marie Grand Opening

I'm so very thrilled to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop, Teaka Marie. Its been an enjoyable learning curve in creating new items for this shop and understanding the basics of Etsy. I can't wait to continue on sharing my new designs and garments as time goes on. But for now I only have a few items. Take a gander.

If you have any tips about selling on Etsy I'd LOVE to hear them.

Now if you're wondering who took these amazingly beautiful photos it was my dear friend, Genevieve Renee Photography. You simply must check out her site and her BLOG. Her work is stunning.


Unknown said...

I had an Etsy store at one time!! It is SO much fun. Here is my advice: When selling an item, quickly skim through Etsy and try to find an item(s) that is similar to yours so that you know how to price it. By doing this you can also see what sells and what does not sell. Good luck! p.s. i LOVE those photos. I'm a fan.

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Congratulations Teaka! The photos turned out so well, I love them! and I also love love love your first little collection :) such pretty and romantic clothes! Have fun with your new line and enjoy Etsy! x

Unknown said...

Oh, such adorable stuff in your shop! I love the tote and that skirt! I've added your shop to one of my favorites!-Jessica