Monday, June 25, 2012

Thread Bracelet DIY

Yesterday I was remembering one summer when I was around 13 years old when my mom rented a table at the local lake craft show and got all us kids to create stuff so sell. My brothers made wooden bird houses, and nicknacks, my sister and mom I believe had baked goods, and I set about making as many thread bracelets and necklaces as I could. I was so proud of my items, though I grossly undersold them at $.75 and a $1.00 each. I was just excited that they sold so quickly. 
   I decided that I'd quickly make a bracelet again for the fun of it. They're so incredibly simple and most of us have made these friendship bracelets before but I'm just going to share this simple tutorial to inspire you to whip out the thread again.
   Start with three colours of your choice, tape down to hard surface to secure, tie a knot and braid for a simple starting point.
   Once you like that length begin tying a basic knot with one color around the two other threads and pulling till the end. As you create this procession of knots it will develop into the swirl around look you see in the pictures. Count the amount of knots you make for each colour so you can have a similar count for the proceeding threads.
   When all is said and done you'll have your cute thread bracelets and a blast from the past. Remember to make two, both matching so you can give the other to your best friend! 


Emma-lee said...

I remember making these! I sold them for 10 cents each in front of my old trailer when I was like 8... Literally half of my summer was spent making bracelets!

Kari Jeanne said...

I totally remember making these!!!! I loved these for the simplicity but also made tons of the flat wider type too - you made me want to make some again :)

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I have always wondered how people make these kind of bracelets!! I used to make loads of bracelets as a child/teen too, but I only knew the basic ones! I need to find some thread so I can have a go :)