Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Guest Blogger: Kendra of The Ruffle House

   Every once and awhile you come across one of those amazingly beautiful blogs that you slightly drool over because of its style and content. Let me introduce to you guys Kendra, the blogger behind The Ruffle House who is no exception to drool worthy style blogs.

   I've been following her blog and slightly living vicariously through her awesome fashion style for a little while now. I knew that you guys would fall head over heals in love with her blog as well so I asked Kendra a few questions about herself and what inspires her style. I'm so honoured and delighted to have her as a guest for today's post. 
First off just tell us who you are and a little bit about your blog.
Bonjour -- this is the red-head behind The Ruffle House blog!  I am musician and aspiring interior designer living in Alberta, Canada and my day job consists of instructing future rock-stars on how to play the guitar! You can also find me gigging as a bass player in various Jazz groups playing those cheesy show tunes you all love ;) Two years ago I married my wild + adventurous mister and since then our life has been a crazy ride of band tours, travel adventures and home renovations! My love-list grows deeper by the day but some of my favorite "to-do"s are treasure hunting, latte sipping, and tackling my endless "project" list. Every girl has one of those right?!

Why and when did you get started blogging. 
After an anxious year of creating & planning, The Ruffle House was born last September! It was sprung out of an uncontrollable love for interior style + design and created to be a place to collect + share the things I create, hunt and use as inspiration as an aspiring Interior Designer. It's an exciting way into the world of collaborating and networking with other artists and creative minds. 
How blogging enhanced your person life or career in any way?
To be honest, in the beginning I really didn't know what becoming a "blogger" was going mean in my life! I almost had a child-like innocence about the whole thing. Starting and evolving The Ruffle House has been one of the most vulnerable + terrifying things I have ever pursued BUT it has totally pushed my creative skill and personal style. Having a blog means putting yourself "out there" to thousands of people everyday so you really start to develop a necessary confidence in who you are and the way you live and love. It's a complete and unknown adventure and that's the beauty!
4) Interior design and style are obviously a bit part of your life. What current trends or designs are drawing your attention and inspiring you in your every day life?
You got my heart pumping just asking about it! Living in a small town I have to hunt a little harder to find inspiration in the design world (but that's half the fun!) so you will always see my coffee table stacked with towers of interior and architecture based books + magazines. This season I am loving the soft + industrial look of mixed metals. Together I think they create a timeless and layered richness in a space. In our own home this Spring we are trying to add a little more color-punch into our space using small pops of neon in unexpected places! It's an impermanent way to have fun with a trend, leaving room to easily be replaced with future things that inspire us!


The Braided Bandit said...

Definitely heading over to her blog, she is beautiful and sounds like on inspiring lady! The photo in front of the snowy mountains! Eee!Thanks for doing such a cool feature!
xo Hannah

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I'm also going to check out her blog!

Elle said...

Found a new blog... oh the JOY! Love Elle xo

Julia said...

Shes has such great style & I loved her answers - off to check out her blog now

Liz Brown said...

Thank you for having her! :) I've followed her blog for a few months now, and I think she needs MORE people to know about it. Her style is wonderful.

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

She's darling and I love her already, I haven't even checked out here blog yet! Thank you for introducing Kendra to us :) Heading over there now ;) x