Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Date Night

   For the last few weeks I've spent most of my evenings and weekends sewing. For the most part I enjoyed every moment of it and really learned to use the many moments of unpicking and resewing to practice my patience. I'm finally done my few Etsy shop garments and though I'm proud of them I'm also sort of relieved to have a few days break before the photo shoot.
   Jonathan even took advantage of yesterday's free day and took me out on a classic date! He surprised me first by taking me out for dinner where we enjoyed a supper with no cleaning dishes involved and talked about our Canada Day plans.
   We hopped back in the car and I assumed we were going home but to my delight we pulled up to the theater instead. I've been wanting to see Snow White and the Huntsman so he got us tickets. I knew it was going to be a dark movie and usually I don't like those types but I had high hopes for this movie and honestly I wasn't disappointed. Such a good one and it had sort of a mix between Lord of the Rings and Robin Hood.
Yep we had a lovely Tuesday evening date. 

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Kirsten Wiemer said...

sounds so perfect.
i really want to see that movie, glad that you enjoyed it!