Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Time To Plant

   After a gloriously productive and fun long weekend I'm feeling refreshed and ready to kick butt this week at work and with my sewing projects. Don't you just love weekends like that?

   Late yesterday afternoon I even had times to purchase some spring flowers, new pots, and soil to transplant some indoor plants and attempt brightening up the outdoors of our home. We live in a fourplex and we're rather limited in what we can plant as it must be contained, so no grand gardens for us. But that's ok because I probably wouldn't have time to tend to one anyways. A few flowers in some pots is about what I can handel.
   Over all I'm very pleased with my pretty little flowers and I sure hope they grow well in their new home. I thought I wouldn't have enough flowers but turns out I have one too many. I think I'll have to go see if I can find another cheap pot today to plant these left over one. No flower left behind!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

we just planted sunflower seeds in my yard a few weeks ago, i hope they grow. i'm a bit of a plant killer. whoops. yay for warm weather and planting plants lol


bridget anne said...

so fun! oh how i wish i could garden...as in i wish i knew how to, and i wish i had a yard! ha! xo.

Julia said...

They're just gorgeous! So cheerful.
I have a terrible habit of neglecting plants so they usually die on me :(

Amanda Danae said...

I LOVE your plants! :) I have a little pot on my deck and it's my pride and joy (we think if we can take care of a plant, we'll graduate to a puppy... and then a child!?) We'll see!

Contemplating Beauty said...

Looks really lovely!