Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Blogger: Julia- Porcelain Complexion

   Today I want to introduce you guys to a fellow blogger from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Julia. You can find her stylish, fashion post over at Porcelain Complexion and you might find it interesting to see her outfits as right now they take on on a more autumn/winter look since currently in New Zealand it's the winter season. 

   I've enjoyed getting to know Julia a little through the blogging world and find her post fun and inspiring. She was gracious enough to take time out of her day to answer a few of my questions about her blog and her personal style. It's a great little post and I know you'll enjoy reading it and getting to know Julia a bit more. Send her a quick hello too, she'd love to hear from you.
1) First off just tell us who you are and a little bit about your blog.
I'm Julia, I'm a 26 year old New Zealander.
My blog is a combination of my thoughts, what I wear and my ever growing obsession with second-hand shopping & vintage china.

2) Why and when did you get started blogging.
I started blogging at the end of June 2010 although I did have a break for several months, I started blogging regularly at the start of this year.
Why did I start blogging? Most of my friends are male and whilst we have common interests fashion & knick knacks aren't really their thing so I was looking for people that can relate to those interests. I also really like that a blog is like a scrapbook to look back on.

3) How (if at all) has blogging impacted your own personal style and the way you express yourself in your daily life?
Blogging has made me more aware of what I wear and it makes me want to wear my clothes in different ways. My style has definitely evolved since I started my blog, it's grown with me and I'm more lady like than I once was.

4) Are you inspired by other bloggers and their own styles? If so who?
Definitely! If you're 5"11, 17yrs old and a size 4 then of course you look incredible in a paper bag but how does that relate to me? Simple - it doesn't. I think it's more inspiring to see real people that I can relate too.

Some of my favourite bloggers include :
- Jenna at Smitten - she wear lots of great prints & inspiring colour combinations and she has the most adorable dog!
-  Grace at A Southern Drawl - It's impossible not to adore Grace, she has great style and she's witty.
- Megan at Feathers & Freckles - Megan has an amazing sense of humour & a vintage girl next door style, I wish I could raid her wardrobe.
- Kelli at Leopard and Lavender - If you're looking for great hair tutorials & feminine style you'll love Kelli's blog.
- Catherine at Not Dressed As Lamb - Catherine is lovely, she has a preppy, classic style with a modern, edgy twis

5) What are some fashion items on your current "wish" list for this season?
It's winter here so...
I wanted a coat with leather look sleeves - which I've just brought
I'm in the process of knitting myself a chunky black snood.
And I'd really like to get more green and teal blue into my wardrobe.


Elisha said...

I adore that last outfit!!


Kate said...

Love your scarf in the last photo!

Melissa Blake said...

Thanks for the awesome interview...I always love meeting new bloggers!

Gaby said...

Love her style, thanks for sharing Teaka!

Grace Wainwright said...

These pictures are of course so great. And I agree about relating to more realistic people and their style. Thanks for the shout-out, Julia!

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