Thursday, May 03, 2012

Shoofly Pie and Drafting

   Ever have those moments when this surge of "house wife" drives through you and you find yourself wanting to clean, cook, bake and more all at the same time? Well yesterday afterwork I was just so excited to be home that I quickly put myself to use and made tuna noodle casserole for supper. Sounds like such a simple supper but its felt like a while since I'd been able to put some love into a supper for Jonathan.

   But that wasn't enough. I had seen this recipe for Shoofly Pie bars a while back and I decided that night I was going to attempt it. So I pulled out the baking ware and went at it. I wasn't sure how it would turn out or even what it was suppose to taste like as I've never had this in my life. Once it was baked Jonathan described it the best as, "It tastes like Christmas". Which is so true with the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

   The rest of the evening was spent pattern drafting on my kitchen table.
Productive evening? I think so!


Anonymous said...

yum! sounds so good ♥

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cupcake project blog!! :)

bridget anne said...

gosh, as i'm going through my feed today, it's like everyone posted about food! i'm so happy i'm sick in bed & have no appetite because otherwise i'd be cooking...and eating up a storm. it looks lovely & yummy though. xo.

shakti said...

looking at that mix of scrumptiousness this early is probably a sin.

Julie Marie said...

so yummy