Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New Patterns

   Now that I'm dones school there's so many things I'm excited to do and start with my free evenings and weekends. It honestly such a wonderful feeling knowing I have a day job that can pay the bills but the evenings are mine and I can begin work on my own projects. For instance today I'm looking forward to the work day being done so tonight I can start pattern drafting a garment or two for my summer collection.

   Yet there's also a couple things I'm looking forward to sewing for myself. A few weeks or a month back I purchased two new patterns for my own pleasure sewing. Honestly I'm sure I could figure out these patterns on my own if I gave myself the time but  I just love that someone else has done all the hard work for me and I can just cut out the patterns and start sewing. Plus I look up to these two designers and admire their work so much I just had to buy something from them.

   The first is Ohhh Lulu's Signature Ruffle Bloomers. I bought this pattern from Ohhh Lulu's Etsy site. Not only does she have the cutest undies and tops ever but she also sells patterns to some of her best seller items so that anyone can attempt creating their own.
   What I like about this pattern it's designed for woven fabric and not knits. More often than not most of our undies are made from knit but this design show you how to use bias cut woven fabric for a cute relaxed fit.

   This past Sunday I tried sewing my first pair. For the most part they turned out super cute but I want to sew one more before I'll maybe show them off to you guys. Mind you that may be weird showing off a pair of undies I made for myself.

   Anyways the other pattern that should be in the mail any day now is the Darling Ranges Dress created by Megan Nielsen. I've mentioned her before and I'm also just in love with her style and patterns. She has a whole collection of patterns she's designed that are super cute. There's actually a lot of pregnancy garments too, so when that time comes in my life I'm sure I'll wanting to stock up on her patterns.

   I love the simplicity and style of this dress and can't wait to make my own version when I have time....if I'll ever have time.

   Anyways so those are my side projects that I look forward to working on once I have free time from making my summer collection and other client projects. I'll have time...right?


Mrs.Marie Lester said...

you are so talented! I wish I could do that! Congrats on graduating!

Unknown said...

youre making me wish i could sew and just make all these adorable things!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm going to check out their sites. Nice, nice patterns!

Amy K said...

Gotta love the time you can do what you what :) I love your blog. I think we should follow each other -

Unknown said...

I love the ruffles on the underwear! So cute!! I wish I could sew lol


bridget anne said...

that's so wonderful! i'm sure you'll love having the free time, finally. it's so nice to work on things that really matter. love your cute blog by the way! i may just have to follow along. xo.