Friday, May 25, 2012

My Dream Garden Accessories

   I realize that I go through fading interests like no one's business. I think it's mainly due to the constant seasonal changes and so when winter is out I purely want to indulge in spring type activities. Gardening seems to be the obvious choice for spring treats. 

   Keep in mind I spend most of my work days in front of a computer so it's easy to imagine how lovely it would be to spend time in a colourful flower garden, which would be there only to please the eyes. While in front of the computer I make a list all all the pretty things I would have to help bring these plants to life. These things are of course are nothing to do with improving my gardening skills, as I really am a green thumb to the whole idea. But rather in my head a made up world of what I would wear, my tools and things I would carry my fruit of labour in. Obviously I'm not a true gardener.

   In any case here are my dream items for my dream garden. All items are handmade and found from Etsy. 
1)Apron Paese etoile- Such a lovely apron for digging around in the dirt and looking cute.
2) Fisher Blacksmithing Set of Five Hand Forged Garden Tools- These hand made tools are so beautiful. Surely any soil or plant they touched would make it bloom into something glorious. 
3) Floral Garden Gloves- Hardy and rough plants call for durable gloves and these are no exception. On top of that they have that touch of spring bliss about them. Perfect.
4)Recycled Cotton Tote Bag- This tote would be used assuming the garden had veggies. Seems like a good bag for thick carrots and dirt covered potatoes.


Unknown said...

cute! I just started planting my garden today, so relaxing!

Grace Wainwright said...
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Amanda Danae said...

LOVE the garden utensils! Now I want a garden so I can buy them and use 'em!

Julia said...

I do love those gardening gloves!
When we actually get to move into our house I'm going to have lots of gardening to do so hopefully I'll be able to get some stylish accessories like these to put to good use.

Caroline Leigh said...

Those gloves are fab! I love gardening as well :]

Unknown said...

The apron and carrot bag are SO CUTE! <3

Unknown said...

Ugh, it's like a dream! Those gloves are absolutely gorgeous! Amazing blog!

- Newest follower
Roopa Iyer

Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love your blog.